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It can be easy to assume that nothing can damage a floor made up of stone — after all, it is an incredibly tough substance that generally requires specialty tools to cut. But did you know that everyday wear like your dog’s nails clacking against it and your hard-soled shoes walking across it can cause damage to your stone and marble floors over time?

While some types of stone floors damage more easily than others, the relative hardness and durability of your floor will depend on what type of stone was used. For example, limestone is porous, so if it isn’t sealed properly (and resealed over time), everyday dirt and grime can make its way in and cause the stone to wear away. Spilled liquids can also seep into those spaces and weaken the flooring. Even harder stone materials such as slate aren’t totally impervious to experiencing damage. Slate is a more dense type of stone, so it is much more resistant to damage from liquids. This is why it is so commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor patios. However, slate is still susceptible to damage if the tiles are not properly cared for with occasional professional floor cleaning services.

Regardless of the type of stone flooring that you have, it is going to need more than occasional sweeping or mopping to keep it in pristine condition. Maintaining — not just cleaning — your stone or marble floors will help to prevent restoration needs down the road.


First and foremost — please do not stop sweeping and mopping your floors. This simple everyday care does help to keep your stone and marble flooring in good shape. Dirt, grime, and other gritty substances are easily tracked into your home — yes, even when you remove your shoes at the door. Those small dirt particles may not seem like a big deal, but over time, they can cause plenty of damage. Particles such as dirt and sand are abrasive, so leaving them to hang out on your flooring will eventually wear away the surface layers over time. If your floors have been sealed, grit that is left behind will cause it to wear away more quickly. This also means that high-traffic areas will be the first to see wear and tear due to these particles abrading against your floors every time someone walks across them. So when it comes to cleaning your stone and marble flooring, you will first want to regularly sweep and mop with the appropriate floor cleaner for the specific type of stone that you have. You can even use a multi-purpose floor cleaner for everyday use — just make sure that the cleaner specifies that it works for the type of stone you are cleaning.

The other crucial part of regular floor care is to make sure that you clean up spills and messes as soon as they occur. Not only can colored liquids stain your floors, but leaving messes to sit around on your floors can contribute to wear and tear on the sealant and stone. This is especially true for acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar — the faster they are cleaned up, the less likely your floor will be damaged.


Another important element in keeping your stone flooring in good shape is to invest in occasional professional stone and/or marble floor cleaning services by experienced and trustworthy floor cleaners. Professional floor cleaning services typically involve a multi-step process that both cleans and protects your floors. Better yet, the cleaners that are used will be specifically tailored to your unique flooring type and the care they need. Stone and marble floor cleaning services will provide care to both the grout between the stones and the stone itself. Once your floor has been properly cleaned and polished, a colorless protective barrier will be applied that works with the appropriate stone sealant in order to keep your floors clean and safe for a longer period of time.

For professional floor cleaning services, contact us at Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration today!


Most types of stone (including marble) flooring materials are porous enough that they need to be sealed off for increased protection from the elements. These specific types of floor sealants help to prevent liquids and small bits of dirt and grime from getting into the pores of the stone and causing damage. However — sealants also get worn away over time, and you will need to have them resealed. How often you do this depends greatly on the type of stone flooring you have and the type of sealant that is used. Some sealant options last around a year, while others are designed to last anywhere from two to five years — as long as the floors are consistently and properly maintained.

If you are unsure whether or not your floor’s sealant is holding up or needs to be re-upped, reach out to your local stone and marble floor cleaning service who can help to provide you with answers. The team at Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration can inspect your floors and provide you with a quote depending on how much work your floors are needing. Some typical signs that it’s time to reseal your stone and/or marble floors include:

  • Mold in the grout. If you have noticed mold/dark spots slowly spreading along the grout lines, the sealant protecting your grout is not doing its job anymore. You will need to check with a professional floor cleaning service to clean out the mold before it is resealed.
  • Scratches or etching. Stone floors are pretty tough, so if you notice any dullness or scratches, it likely means that it’s a good time to have your floor polished or resealed.
  • Staining. If there are visible stains that you can’t get out of your floors from just mopping, it is pretty clear that your sealant is failing and that you will need the help of a professional floor cleaning service to nix these stains before sealing it.

If your floors are showing any of these signs of sealant failure, contact Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration. Our team is here and happy to help!

The Condition Of Your Stone And Marble Flooring Matters.

There are thousands of floor cleaning products that are readily available to you today, which can leave you wondering why you should hire professionals to clean your floors. While these product labels promise incredible results, many times the chemicals that make up these cleaners can actually cause your beautiful stone surfaces more harm than good. If you are still hesitant and questioning whether or not professional stone and marble floor cleaning services are for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technicians to have any and all of your questions answered.

The last thing we would ever want to happen is for you to ruin your stone and marble when you could have hired our affordable services to take care of the cleaning for you. At Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration, our main goal is to provide you with the professional floor cleaning services you are looking for and provide results that exceed your expectations. Your stone and marble flooring was made to look outstanding — and with our team, that is exactly what we will help you to achieve.

We understand that stone and marble flooring is an investment and is meant to glisten. With our experienced staff, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Using only the highest-quality cleaning products and stone and marble floor cleaning techniques that are proven to work, you can trust that your floors are in the best hands.

You can count on our team at Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration to be there when you need us the most. No matter how big or small the job is, we take care of all the cleaning for you. To schedule your floor cleaning services appointment or to get your Speedy Fast Bid, give us a call today!

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